Thursday, 17 July 2014

Missed by a Mile

I knew it was time to link up, I saw other people linking up, I kept thinking I must link up BUT

I DIDN'T.  I took my eye of the ball.  Still, next quarter eh!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Finish At Last

Yay, I have a finish.  You'll remember from my two previous Finish Along posts that I sent off for this fabric in 2010, pieced it in 2011 and left it in the cupboard for three more years.  I gave it to my friend a few weeks ago and her lovely man photo'd it for me last week.

I am so pleased with it.  My piecing abllity has moved on somewhat since then but it's part of my journey and my friends love it and that is the main thing.

Sandy and the Summer Porch

This is an Elanor Burns pattern called Summer Porch.   I can't remember what the fabric is called as I bought it so long ago, but it came as a layer cake from the Fat Quarter Shop, the first fabric I ordered from "abroad" before I blogged or was aware of the online sewing community, what a world has opened up since then.  I didn't change the actual pattern at all, although there is a mistake, but because I am too bloody lazy on deliberation I decided to leave that in.  It adds to its charm.  I pieced the back, cos the fabric was too small, with some of the squares left over and sashed it with some spurious white cotton that was hanging around.  It's quilted in straight lines an inch apart with white Gutteman thread as that's what I had.  And you know what, I love it and they love it, nuff said.

I will be linking up with Katy at the Littlest Thistle with this post.  It's a solitary offering but that's life.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Got A Bit Behind There!

Oops I got a bit behind with my Bee blocks there but I'm all caught up now.

The first was for Rachel who blogs at mamafairy sews.  She had asked for floating stars with a common coloured center and a siggy block.  This was my interpretation:
Green for the center and pinks and oranges around the outside

Never made one of these before, hope it's how it's s'posed to be

Next came Niki who wanted improvised blocks.  I've not done this before but a had a go at wonky square in sqaures which ended up looking like this:
I really rather pleased with how this came out

I've wanted to join a Bee for quite a while but not really felt in a position to but it occured to me that I could be waiting an awfully long time to do anything if I wait for that, so I jumped in with both feet.  So far the Fat Stash Brit Bee has been a bee of firsts for me.  I'm loving the challenge and the ladies are great, talented and friendly, (virtual wave).

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Giveaway Shoutout

Pop on over to Lily's Quilts.  She is holding a big easter giveaway with loads of her sponsers and fantastic prizes.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Finish Along Quarter 2

It was great having the FAL to work to last quarter.  I have so many unfinished projects driving me mad.  Here's my list for the second quarter:

1.  So for a second time I'll start with the quilt I made for Sandra, just needs quilting and binding.

2.  Second is the still the scrappy trip, still needs quilting and binding.

3.  Third is still the Gen X Quilter's BOM from last year. All the blocks except one are now done and the sashing is cut, so some progress has been made.

4.  Where's my quilt mum, is it done mum, when's it gonna be finished mum. He's still asking.  Three more blocks are done.  The ones left are definately not in my area of expertise, or to be more precise the things I find really difficult or just plain don't like.  Truth be told those things mean one and the same thing to me.

5.  Something I started for my sister for Christmas 2012, not finished but much further along than it was so progress, yay.

6.  The quilt top that had disappeared is now laid out on the bedroom floor full of pins waiting to be quilted.  I've decided I will give it to my parents as I made it with them in mind.

7.  The HST quilt now named in our house as the Carnival Pants Quilt which Ruby wants for her birthday next month.  I have made a lot of progress with it but whether or not it'll be finished by then is another matter!

8.  I have a another Half Square Triangle quilt I started for the kid's dad who originally didn't want a quilt, but saw it in the making and realised he didn't know what he was thinking!!

I really want to get through this stuff as I'm enjoying having things hanging around so, onward!

I'm linking up with Katy again

Saturday, 5 April 2014


My sewing is semi-organised:

PROJECTS in bags on shelves

STUFF more properly called notions but when Ruby is looking to use something we refer to it as "in the stuff"

A BIG BOX OF DRESSMAKING PATTERNS - including the first skirt I made which if I recollect ended up having more than twenty different incarnations through my teenage remnant sewing years


A SMALL CRATE OF WIERD/OR UNALLOCATED FABRIC - including net, felt, that piece of stuff the kid's dad's mum gave me that I can't find a use for but she gave me it and I wont part with it
then comes the quilting fabric



BIG CRATE OF SCRAPS (this is the box that the lid barely fits on)

I am obsessed with fabric (no).  Get me, I always say fabric.  I remember being admonished by Mrs Gow (Needlecraft and Dress Teacher Extraordinaire) for saying material.  Apparently everything man made was made of some kind of material, the kind of material we used was fabric. 

So, I've joined this swap.  (Yes, the reason for this post, what it's long already and I havn't started yet, oh, yeah).  This meant that I had to go rummaging through the scrap box.  It's a walk through my quilt history.  I loved it

Here's a quick pic of what I've sent:

First Quarter Finish Along

Finish Along 2014

I have to say my results are a little bit rubbish.  Out of my list of ten, I have finished one thing and that was drastically changed.  Still I have made a lot of progress on some of the others so fingers crossed for second quarter.  To be fair to myself, for the amount of time I've been at home in the last three months that's an achievement in itself.

What I finished was the bag for my friend, Sandra.  I havn't given it to her yet as every time I go round there I go from somewhere that isn't here and so don't have it with me.  I'm not massively sure about it now.  I mean, it's a good bag, but me and Sands, we're little short birds and it seems a bit big.  Still, knowing her she'll find a good use for it, I can't see her not.  I think I may have to make another smaller one just to check it out ...
Front of bag, based on tripple zippy pouch made bigger into a bag

Back with jeans style pocket

Even if I didn't finish a lot of stuff I have moved my UFOs on a bit. I've got into the habit of making notes about what I'm doing in one of the many notebooks and all in all I'm glad I joined in and am looking forward to the next quarter.  I'll post about that later, I'm going to help Ruby make Pineapple Upside Down Cake now.